Story Of The Princess Of Mandalika

Story Of The Princess Of Mandalika


LOMBOK-NTB, Story Of The Princess Of Mandalika|Lombok Island is an island located in eastern Indonesia, precisely in West Nusa Tenggara Province. The island of Lombok is a small island with a population of around 4.5 million people with a majority of Islam, which is about 80% of the population, the majority of which are the Sasak tribe, the Sasak tribe is an ethnic group that is not much different from the tribe of the Balinese population. Lombok Island is famous for its beauty and natural charm which is quite stunning. Starting from 3 islands that are widely known by tourists both local and foreign tourists including Gili Air, Gili Trawangan, and Gili Meno and also Pink Beach which can be said this beach is very unique because this beach is different from the beaches we find in general. with the color of the sand that is pink, besides that on the island of Lombok there is a mountain called Mount Rinjani with an altitude reaching 3,726 masl above sea level which makes it the 3rd highest mountain in Indonesia as well as Senggigi beach which is an icon of the island of Lombok itself and there are many other tourist destinations. Apart from being famous for its panoramic views and natural beauty, the island of Lombok is also famous for its religious tourism, besides that the island of Lombok also has so many folk tales, including a story that is quite legendary and no less interesting than folk tales in other regions. One of them is the legendary folklore from the island of Lombok which we are familiar with, namely the Legend of Princess Mandalika.

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Folklore "Bau Nyale"

It is said that in ancient times there was a kingdom under the leadership of a just and wise king. The kingdom was very peaceful under the leadership of a wise king with a prosperous life for its people. And one day the King and Queen in the kingdom were blessed with a beautiful and handsome girl who was also kind, named Princess Mandalika.

Princess Mandalika, who is the king's daughter, grew up to be a princess who not only has a beautiful face but also has a personality that her father inherited. This is shown by the nature of the Mandalika princess who is polite in language and is also friendly to all the inhabitants of the kingdom. With the beauty of the Mandalika princess, it was not uncommon for the princes of kings from various kingdoms who fought over her, even not a few of the young men and crown princes from other kingdoms came to propose to the Princess.

Attitudes and Actions of Princess Mandalika

Once upon a time, because so many came to the palace to propose to Princess Mandalika, in the end, the King gave all of his decisions to the Princess (Princess Mandalika). Thus, the Princess also (Putri Mandalika) decided to do meditation or meditation to look for clues to what happened to her at that time. And after returning from meditating, Princess Mandalika finally decided to invite all young men and princes from all kingdoms on the 20th of the 10th month based on the calculation of the Sasak date (Sasak are a tribe of people who live on the island of Lombok). precisely on Seger beach or the more popular Kuta Beach Lombok today, while Putri Mandalika invites all the young men and the royal crown princes, namely before the dawn call to prayer.

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And in the end, based on the time determined by the Princess (Princess Mandalika), all the young men and princes from various kingdoms gathered, not even a few royal people attended the event so that they crowded the place (Seger beach). when the sun began to rise Putri Mandalika, the King and Queen, and all the inhabitants of the kingdom and their escorts arrived on the beach immediately to meet all the invited guests. Princess Mandalika looks very beautiful and handsome wearing a beautiful royal princess dress made of silk.

At that moment, Princess Mandalika went up the hill on the beach with her bodyguards and began to say a few words addressed to all invited guests or residents who were present at that time. Putri Mandalika revealed that Princess Mandalika only wanted to see peace and tranquility on the island of Lombok without any division. This means that if the Princess (Putri Mandalika) accepts one of the several applications from the youth or princes who come to propose to her, it will cause divisions and disputes between those who she (Princess Madalika) does not accept. Therefore the Princess was determined to accept all applications addressed to her. Suddenly the princess's expression at that time made all the invited guests confused. And in the midst of the confusion of the invited guests, the Princess then threw herself into the sea and immediately disappeared, swallowed by the waves. The inhabitants of the kingdom swiftly plunged themselves into the sea to save Princess Mandalika. but as a result, the Princess disappeared instantly without any sign of the Mandalika princess's life.

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And shortly after the disappearance of the princess, a flock of worm-like beasts appeared from the middle of the ocean in the years that followed. What was then believed by the community and local residents that the worm figure was the incarnation of Princess Mandalika who disappeared immediately in the waves at that time, and the worm was given the name NYALE, and then in the end the tragedy developed into a folk ceremony which was carried out one time a year, namely between February-March and the event is called the folk ceremony or Bau Nyale ritual. (Lalu Ar)

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